Today is a very special day to me. Perhaps my favorite day of the year. Today is the day the other half of my sky was created. The day the universe designed and brought to life the person that I would eventually find when the time was right. Yes, timing, the timing had to be right for this interaction to work. Under any other circumstance, coincidence or encounter this would have never been a dynamic that transcends. This, this thing that the gal and I share. A bond, a partnership, a co-creative atmosphere that may not always be sunshine and chirping birds but nevertheless our North Star always seems to shine and guide us back home. When I wonder if I’m on the right path in my life, when I question if I’m living better than I was and doing what I should; when I doubt myself and question if ‘god’, the ‘universe’, the ‘creator’, whatever you want to call it, is on my side, all I have do is look next to me and see who’s standing there. The person that I tell my secrets to at night and share my dreams with in the morning is the same person that reminds me how powerful I am when I feel depleted. Someone with a heart like hers is rare and the compassion that this woman demonstrates, at times, leaves me stunned. Her ability to contribute to not only my world, but everyones that she interacts with is her superpower. She’s in the business of healing, and business is booming. So, today, this day, this special day is perhaps my favorite day of the year because she was born today and I am honored to be the one who gets to hold her hand and celebrate the beauty that was created.

Since I can’t develop and scan the photos yet of the adventure that awaits us, I figured I would post these photos from a roll of film that I just got back of her and my FML (future mother-in-law) doing girly stuff in Topanga.