I don’t shop nearly as much as I used to but every now and then I come across something online or that I spot while I’m out and instantly go into hunting mode. A couple of months ago I was scrolling through some style pages and caught a glimpse of these re-interpreted pony hair Maison Margiela™ boots that originally released in the 80’s and then got re-introduced, or as MMM™ likes to phrase it “Replica” in their FW 2006 collection. It was love at first ‘site’ and the ultimate online romance began to bloom. I knew I had to have them and one day they would be mine. 

As luck tends to be on my side these days, I finally found a pair in a size close to mine (these particular boots fit two sizes up) and were priced at a ridiculously low asking price. Me being the haggler that I am, I couldn’t resist and began to initiate the negotiation. Honestly, by the end of the monetary back-and-forth it was as if the seller was paying me to take them off of their hands, which I gladly did. 

Pieces like this are all that I’m interested in these day because it hits all of my senses. First there was the chase, the hunt, which is always fun and thrilling. Then there’s the haggling, the sensation of me getting exactly what I want for less than what I’m willing to pay. And finally, and most importantly, I’m investing in something that I truly love and will enjoy wearing for as long as I have it. It fits my personal style and becomes a staple in my wardrobe. It makes me happy and I feel good when I style it. And the cherry on top – I can flip it for 10x what I paid if I ever choose to do so.

Shop smart, buy only what you love and make sure its something that represents you, your style and your aesthetics. Don’t spend money or time on things that will only make you smile for a moment.