Thrifting is something I’ve been doing for as long can remember yet it never gets old. It’s always so fun and exciting hunting for the needle in a haystack in your size. That charming, aged-to-perfection piece that truly fits your style and aesthetic. When you finally come across that one rare item, it’s like hitting the vintage jackpot. 

I’ve noticed a few brands playing with old sobriety logos and monikers over the past few season, which is nothing new but I can especially appreciate it when I know its not just for cache or street appeal. It’s compelling and vulnerable when the story is stemmed from truth. When it’s authentic and actually embedded in the brands DNA, namely Enfants Riches Deprimes™. It’s widely known that Henri Levy has his own battles with demons that he dances with on the canvas of his clothes, which makes it extremely personal. Since I too have had to fight the same fight, it speaks to me in a way the others don’t, or can’t. 

This 80’s single stitched Screen StarsNarcotics Anonymous shirt is by far my favorite find this month and I’ll be wearing it proudly.