This last decade has been an insane roller coaster of highs and lows but I have always had to endure the success and failures on my own. I have always been the founding and funding dynamic in the equation that keeps the wheels spinning when it comes to this creative venture that I accidentally stumbled upon. I never had an inclination to become a photographer, it came by accident but when I reflect on it, I can see it was a gift from the universe and exactly what I was meant to be doing at the time. It was fun and full of thrills and I accomplished more than I ever thought I could in this creative realm. As my presence became well-known and as my artistic curiosity grew, I started teaching myself more about design and marketing since I was already speaking through a visual dialogue. 

Then towards the middle of 2017 I discovered via social media and word of mouth that I have somehow “fallen off”. The people who would send me countless emails and messages about how I’m their idol or biggest influence started changing their perspective on my work and the individual that I’ve become. It’s a really funny thing how people tend to not think you’re working or being ambitious when you don’t post on social media. Yet everyone on social media claims to always be super busy and have no time. Seems to me like they’re spending most of their time reflecting on other peoples lives rather than living their own. But, who am I to judge? I’m just some dude who randomly picked up a camera and photographed naked girls then went from being broke to making $12,000 a shoot. I guess you can say there has always been an entrepreneurial mentality at the core of the young, relentless free spirit that I once was. But as always, life and evolution happen and you come to a point where the only option is to mature and grow. I started trading in the wild naked party photos for fashion and clothes, I cleaned up my brand as a whole and started experimenting with where I want to go, rather than the stagnant position I felt stuck in.

So here we are. It’s the beginning of 2019 with less followers but more impact. A place where I strive to build and construct things from the standpoint of the man who is writing this right now. My whole past was about going against the grain when it wasn’t cool. This is before Instagram and before wild, drug-induced images were the norm. See, metaphorically speaking, I refuse to be that old dude at a high school party. Creatively, mentally and spiritually you need to grow and expand your perspective in order to stay ahead of the times rather than being stuck in them. I’m excited to announce that I’m bringing in a business partner and we’re going to bring all of our ambitious and creative ideas to fruition. This means that I will no longer be running and delegating this ship on my own and I can get back to taking photos as well as pursue my other business ventures that I’m passionate about. With this being said, we welcome you to strap in and join us on this new adventure. We’re excited and look forward to all of the amazing things we are about to achieve. Lastly, we’re still having our assistants go through all of the emails you guys have been sending us. If it happened to get missed, please resend it with the title “Together, we grow” so we know it’s a current message and not one that was already answered. 

Never stop creating, never stop believing in yourself!

- Danny