I’m like a hat nazi when it comes to trucker hats, especially when you’re going for a vintage look but don’t want the vintage fit because we all know how poorly that foam beer koozie material snuggles our noggin. And where does one find a really good quality mesh trucker without having to pay James Perse or Chrome Hearts prices? I suppose this is why it took me forever to finally release one because I knew the standard that it would have to have in order for it to be something that I truly appreciate and wear all of the time. Let’s face it, you want to get your moneys worth which means it needs to last. I had to personally test it, so I’ve been wearing the same sample since I received it in the beginning of January and let me tell you my honest opinion, I’m sold. I’ve worn it running, I’ve worn it playing tennis, I’ve worn it at shoots, I’ve worn it at meetings, I’ve even worn it to church. The only places I haven’t worn it is in the shower or bed, well, there was that one time but… never mind. My point is, If I had to pick a hat that doesn’t get beat up by the elements easily and doesn’t lose it’s shape after non-stop wear, this would be it. Now I want to know your thoughts on it. A lot of you have ordered them and I really want your honest feedback. Do you love it as much as I do? Let me know either by email or IG.

Available here