There are many different definitions that people toss around but in my own personal work, a paid test shoot is when a model or agency books me to test a concept or idea. They either want to a shoot a look that they have or capture a quick sitting to use as content for social media. How is this different than a traditional booking? For starters, the location is usually up to me and there really isn’t much production involved. Most of the time it’s just a one on one session meaning the shoot will be simple and usually only lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour. If the modal only has one look that they want to capture (as shown above) then I’ll spend the remanding duration shooting looks or styling that I want to use so the model has more frames to select from (if they choose to. Sometimes they just want to sit for 15 minutes and call it a day). Also, the rate is much lower. A testing session with me usually runs about $600 opposed to what I would typically charge for a project shoot or a one on one with production. And finally comes the editing. Rather than giving a full range of selects for a model or company to go through for editing, my test shoots typically consists of one roll of film and a few digitals that results in about 10-20 final images.

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