This might sound counter-intuitive to some, but for me, one of the most important elements that motivate me to step away from my desk and and go for a run, is my gear. The aesthetics play such a huge psychological role for me because if I think I look cool and if I feel cool – it makes me push harder. 

This is a huge reason why I see workout clothes as an investment. If I buy the things that I really like, those interesting items that make me feel good when I put them on, then the return is in my health because I know I’ll use them. And trust me, I know not everyone thinks like this but if you’re finding yourself in an unmotivated state, maybe you should try mixing things up starting with your attire. Treat yourself to a new pair of gym shorts or those shoes that you’ve been eyeing that you know while help you break through your PR.

Play with unique brands that make technically functional pieces and find what works for you – then go out and put those pieces to work.