It’s been over a year since we’ve released anything. To be completely honest, SS has always been a passion project. I would get a little idea and just want to see if I could make it, maybe even sell it. Then the gift and curse happened, things would sellout in a day, sometimes even less. Once money and outside voices start to saturate your motives, it’s almost guaranteed that your fire will begin to burn out. I felt like I didn’t have full control anymore which is why I knew I needed to take a break. It’s really funny because I get so many DM’s asking where I’ve been? We’ll get into that another time but long story short, for this new year I decided to completely start over and make sure we’re more hands on with everything we produce. Take it back to the humble beginning and DIY mindset that started this whole thing. It feels amazing to get back to a place again where it’s not about the money but purely about the magic of turning an idea into reality.