After two years of being hesitant to jump into the digital audio space, I finally decided this would be the perfect time to take the leap. Welcome to the SS/OUND WAVES® Podcast hosted by yours truly, Danny Steezy. This is a safe space where I let you, the audience into my life and try to be as transparent as possible. We will go in depth about my photography journey and all of the wild encounters I've had. We'll discuss my life prior to getting sober as well as the new path of inner fulfillment and mindfulness that I'm currently pursuing. You can ask me any question, no matter how personal it may be, and I'll give you my honest thoughts as well as advice from the experiences that I've collected along the way.


Welcome back to the SS/OUND WAVES® podcast. In this episode I explain where've been, why I wiped my social media and what my new plans are for this show are. I'm beyond excited to finally start navigating through my truth and sharing my journey through this outlet. I welcome you to come along for the ride.

Music - Paris Moon  -  Justice Der

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Each week I'll be doing a Q+A episode where I answer your questions in depth. Nothing is off limits and I encourage you to submit well thought-out questions so I can give you the best insight possible from my perspective. If you need to talk, need advice or just curious about something that I might be able to help you with, I'm here for it.

Thank you for being so wonderful. We look forward to building with you.SS/OUND WAVES®
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