Getting out of the car and stepping on to the property was equivalent to running as fast as you can on an open road while punk rock is blaring into your ears, then you suddenly stop and take off the headphones as you look around. All has gone quiet and subdued and you can't help but to find peace in the sheer magnitude of the beauty surrounding you. That's what I felt when I walked around the premises but the real magic didn't unfold until I got grounded (literally) on the grass in the mediation garden. I sat, closed my eyes and really dropped-in. I could feel the breeze of the crisp Malibu air. I could hear the trees and the birds synchronizing together in perfect harmony as they orchestrated natures beautiful symphony. I went inside myself to that quiet place and I felt so connected to everything and everyone, and yet it was just me and sitting in this internal bliss.

As I sat there in the silence and stillness, flickers of light turned into visions. It was as if the film of my heart was being projected against the wall of my mind. There was so much luster and love for present me and all that I am in the now. There was so much light and optimism for future me and all that I'm going to achieve within and without. Then there was visions of little me, child me, and I could tell he was scared and didn't know where to run. I took his hand and hugged on him and let him know that he no longer has to be terrified. I reassured him that I see him, that I love him and that nothing was his fault. Then there was mom. I felt her all around me and through me. It was as if she was dancing in the wind and getting inhaled into my soul. By the end of this internal journey I found myself on the brink of tears. Not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. Joy for all of the triumphs and tribulations that has given me the bravery, courage and opportunities to expand into the me that can see and feel these types of spacial and spiritual liberations. It was truly a profound experience that will forever be tattooed on my heart. I'm not saying all people had or will have this type of internal encounter, but for me, it was a blissful experience.

The Serra Retreat  is one of the most amazing places that I never even knew existed, which is wild because I'm always right next door to it at the Malibu Country Mart. It makes me wonder of how many more magical places like this are tucked away -- waiting for me to find. 

Date - 10.13.2022 / Camera - Sony® Cybershot TX & iPhone 13 Pro Max