My friend invited to the private viewing of The Other Art Fair® in Santa Monica last night. I went to one of these a few years ago and remember loving the curated spaces that housed a bunch of different artists work; all inside of an airplane hanger. How often do you get to enjoy art, music and drinks on the tarmac of a fully functioning airport? 

The show this year didn't disappoint. Although I am in no way an art critic, and to be fully transparent, I don't even know what makes "good art" good. I however do think that I have a good taste for aesthetics and a visual appreciation for the language that most creatives try to convey their emotions or expressions in. With that being said, I can't say I loved or liked a lot of the work but there was definitely some stand-outs. Aside from the creativity flowing through the space, I was captivated by the outfits that could be seen walking through the isles. There was definitely a couple of people that I really wish I would have photographed.

The major take away from this experience is that physical art is still alive and well. Of course there were specks of NFT's sprinkled throughout the show but for the most part, I love that these artists are still out there getting their hands dirty. I have a tremendous amount of respect for all creatives who pursue their passion(s).

After the show I called it a night. This old cowboy can't walk around in his boots like he used to. Thanks, Darlin' for a good time.

Date - 9.22.2022 / Camera - Sony® Cybershot TX