Los Angeles has officially ordered all indoor operations to close their doors to slow down the staggering second wave of COVID-19. We decided to hit Trader Joe’s and Target then grab a few summer essentials at Maxfield before we lock ourselves inside for awhile. Stay safe out there friends and don’t forget to constantly sanitize your hands.



Being a huge fan of Jonathan Adler and how he’s gone to create an empire from his love of ceramics and design, it has been on my bucket list to take a pottery class. I’ve always wanted to get my hands dirty and learn how to work with clay and ceramics and create objects out of the elements that our ancestors used. If you think about it, something as simple as a mug or a bowl has a lot of design and thought put into it and I’ve always wanted to experience the process and craft of how one gets to the final product. This weekend I was surprised with a very thoughtful getaway to Ojai where we did just that. We entered a vibrant compound that had the most captivating energy and were greeted by two amazing and enlightened instructors who helped us turn balls of clay into something tangible. I can’t believe how much focus and physicality it takes to center and mold shapes but I can honestly say I’m hooked. This was truly such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back.

Thank you to everyone at Fire Stick Pottery. We’ll see you again soon.



We applied a multi-stage process beginning with taking a handful of our SS20 shirts to our favorite private beach in Malibu, soaking them in the Pacific Ocean, laying them on the sand and letting the Southern California sun lovingly bleach them over a number of days, then we used natural elements to distress and age them to perfection. The outcome is nothing short of beautiful. 

Available soon



Kanye shut down the internet with his sneak release of the Yeezy® Foam Runner. Ultimately it’s his interpretation of the Croc® (which we personally love and wear). Though they sold out in minutes at one of the lowest Yeezy® price points to date, a lot of people are voicing their opinions on the “Nerf football” shaped silhouette, which can only mean one thing, they’ll be reselling for an absurd amount in the coming months just like his infamous slide did after the internet and Reddit forms had their way with it. It just goes to show Kanye West absolutely knows how to turn shit into gold and an average day into a #WESTDAYEVER.



Let’s be honest, when is the last time you even mentioned the brand, Givenchy? We’ll wait. Well, that’s all about to change since the fashion house has appointed Alyx® founder, Matthew M Willams as the new creative director. We’re about to see a lot of rollercoaster buckles and sold out collections in the coming seasons.