Damn, I feel like it has been a lifetime since I had a moment to sit down and post an entry on here. I guess that’s what happens when you decide to take a hiatus from your business ventures and join corporate America as you try to run a never-ending race with top industry leaders. In short, my life has been consumed with marketing meetings, sales quotas and confined within an office space that I feel like I don’t belong at. Don’t get me wrong, I love being surrounded with people who enjoy making money and excel under pressure but my spirit is just too large to be tethered to a workspace that is not my own. So, I am taking a leave and going to jump back into the driver seat of what truly makes me happy; creating through my own thoughts with my views set on my own agenda and the liberation to answer to no one.  I’ll still be working remotely because it would be silly to not take what has been offered but now I have time to spend with you again as well as work on a new project that I’ve been reluctant to release for nearly two years. Let’s face it, starting over from the bottom is a scary thought, especially when you have tasted the champagne at the top but it’s the fear and challenge that builds character. 

Perhaps we should also start this relationship over. Hi, my name is Danny and the last time we met I broke my promise when I told you I wouldn’t leave. Well, I guess all I can do now is show you through my actions that I’m here to stick it out. Through good days and bad.. I’ll be here. 


Photos by LC © 2020


A couple of weeks ago I had an inclination to take up a new hobby. See, this is my first month sober and my latest attempt to kick the bottle, you know, get off the sauce aka stop drinking, again. I’ve been an avid runner for the better part of a year and went vegan about eight months ago but even those healthy lifestyle changes haven’t been able to give me the feeling of euphoria that I feel when I pop the cork and divulge myself into the savory sensation of sauvignon blanc. That is until I discovered something so simple yet requires a vast amount of endurance, coordination and mental strategy; the game of tennis. Never in a million years would I anticipate that two rackets, a ball and a challenge would lead me to the closest feeling I get when I drink my beloved spirits but it totally does. Trying to figure out techniques and motions in which you can transition the ball over the net in a precise manner, the endorphins and logic start kicking in and next thing you know you’re on cloud nine. I read a quote somewhere about how once you discover and play the game, you’re instantly addicted and that is exactly what happened. 

- Danny