Thank you to everyone who called, text or sent super kind messages when I posted that my mom was going in for surgery on Friday. I’m proud to say she’s going to be okay and expected to go home this week. This beautiful woman is honestly the most amazing person in my life. Yes, I’m bias since I am her favorite son (only son) but she truly is the epitome of strength. She has always been the voice that told me I was handsome when everyone in school called me fat, picked me up when I fell back into addiction and the person that told me to lift my head when I lost it all. Through my successes and failures she has always been the strength that showed me I’m worth more, I deserve better and to never jeopardize my integrity in the pursuit of finding my path. 

I love you momma

- Your son, Daniel


We officially hit 200+ sales on Depop so I figured I should probably take their advice and do one of those “meet the seller” things. Let’s face it, I’m a gentleman and would never allow you to go home with a stranger. Thank you to everyone that has purchased something from us or has simply sent us a nice message complimenting our curated selection. Spoiler alert, we’re going to be adding a lot of vintage punk T-shirts and designer pieces so be sure to follow our shop if you aren’t already!

- Danny


It’s staggering to think how I started this whole thing from a small bedroom in Thousand Oaks, CA ten years ago. Completely self-taught in all creative aspects, I’ve seen this project develop and grow into something that’s way bigger than myself. From my first photos to my first DIY products to exhibits and collaborations and to expanding my team, this journey so far has progressed further than I could have ever imagined while not losing its integrity and the initial DIY spirit. Cheers to a decade together and I can’t wait for what’s next.

A very special collection will be releasing soon.

- Danny


Due to our Tumblr getting hacked, we decided to create a Mood Board right here on our website. You can now see what inspires us, concepts we’re working on and what’s coming to fruition. Feel free to navigate through our mind and pluck what you wish from the creative tree. 

- Staff