I feel like she just got home and now she has to leave again for two months. It’s never easy saying goodbye but I’m so proud of all of her achievements and the things we’re building together.

Danny Steezy


We stopped by the Lucien Smith opening at the Moran Bondaroff gallery today. The show was polar opposite in contrast to the work that Lucien has produced prior to this exhibit. Apart from being connected to Supreme, Lucien is well known for his Rain and pie paintings as well as his bullet riddled scrap metal pieces. This current body of work is focused on an iconic universal symbol and translated through a sophisticated color palette. You can also see some of his photography, which is a fresh and captivating dialogue from the artist. We encourage you all to stop by and experience this new body of work for yourself.

- Staff 


In a room full of people, I’ve always felt like I was the only one there. It has taken me most of my life to figure out that our existence on this earth is too short to be spent in isolation. Find and surround yourself with good energy and like-minded individuals and you’ll see your quality of life change dramatically for the better.

- Danny Steezy


I received a text this morning asking if I would like two tickets to the newest Los Angeles ‘it place’. Within thirty minutes my girl and I were showered and dashing into our Uber to head to the insta-famous, Museum Of Ice Cream. Upon our arrival I discovered that I forgot my memory card amongst our chaotic dash. So, you will have to settle for these shitty iPhone images of the spectacle. 

Prior to entrance, you must queue along the famous pink wall that everyone that can’t get tickets seems to visit for selfies. Lucky for us, they put us in the front of the line. Before walking in, the extremely friendly staff do a great job at pumping you up for what you’re about to experience once they open the doors. The doors open and instantly you’re transported into a wonderland of street art mixed with a Willy Wonka concoction. This place is a haven for photo op’s and a thirty-forty minute experience that seems to unconsciously put you in a great mood. I found myself smiling or saying “oh fuck, that’s rad” the whole time. My girl put her feet in the pool of sprinkles, as she got out she stated “that was life altering”. What else can you ask for from a playground for millennials that stemmed from the imagination of a 25 year old

Great fucking job and thanks again!

- Danny Steezy


It’s always necessary to take a moment and step away from your computer or project and go absorb outside inspiration. A cloudy mind and stagnant insights is detrimental to the creative process.

- Danny Steezy