First things first, we would like to apologize on the delay in shipping. Why the Zippo© factory would shut its doors for two weeks in the middle of July is truly beyond us. With that being said, the production is finally in our possession and we’re glad we decided to double up on the number of units last minute. Thank you to all of the people who pre-ordered. We knew this piece was going to make some noise but your guys’s support has truly been amazing (even celebs purchased multiple pieces for their friends… or one for each of their toxic lovers). The even better news is, your orders have officially started shipping! If you haven’t purchased one yet, you can do so here. *Every international order comes with a tracking number to avoid disruption or lost packages.

- Staff


One mid-afternoon while enjoying a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at The Belmont with a love interest of mine, a hostess walks over to our table and asked us if we would like another glass? I immediately replied “keep them coming, I promised her my jokes would get funnier”. The hostess said, “Than maybe I should just bring you the bottle”. She was confident, witty and had a very strong energy which is something I am always drawn to when it comes to people I want to photograph. Long story short, Gina was exactly that when she stopped by for a test shoot. 

- Danny Steezy