Along with the stresses of my day-to-day schedule, I realized my girl comes home in a couple of days so I had the genius idea of completely repainting and refurnishing my apartment before her arrival. I’ve spent the last four days tearing shit apart and rush ordering new home-goods from a handful of my favorite furniture and decor boutiques. No beer, no help, just endless hours and ton of calories later, it’s finally somewhat finished.  I’ll be sure to give you guys an update when the rest of the deliveries arrive. The things we do for those who make us smile. 

Danny Steezy


Between our deadlines and getting all of your orders out, this has been a crazy week. So, it’s time to kick off the pants, light a smoke and get into some trouble. Have a great weekend!

- Staff


A lot of you emailed us asking about the camera pictured in the recent post. This is the Kyocera Slim T (safari edition), which is essentially the exact same camera as the Yashica T4 Super D, minus the super scope. It features the 35 3.5 Tessar Zeiss lens, aka the holy grail of 35mm point and shoot glass. Up until about a year ago these little babies were totally missed on the T4 radar, but as of late, I have seen the prices sky rocketing. What once used to run for around $50 on the market is now hitting the $300 and up range. Stock pile while you can, I know I did.

- Danny Steezy