We stopped by the Alison Mosshart opening at the Maxfield Gallery yesterday. Alison makes up one half of the band, The Kills, whom I’ve adored since I stumbled upon their Black Balloon video eight or nine years ago. Creativity is something that transcends way past music with this power duo as you can clearly see through their book captured by Kenneth Cappello (who also directed the video aforementioned). In the pages you get a very honest and candid viewpoint of the band as you explore and discover what lies beneath the surface, which brings us to today. Along the white, mundane walls, you experience palettes of color and aggression. You see thoughts and opinions splashed on to the canvases as if the artist is screaming out loud the pages of her visual diary. Supplementary to the artwork itself, the woman behind it was soft-spoken, kind and fascinatingly human. She has an energy that leaps through and embraces you like a gentle hug from a place familiar. Bravo, Alison.

- Danny Steezy


The girl started her new job and I couldn’t be more proud of her. There’s truly nothing more magical than finding someone who inspires you. Someone you can build and create memories with as well as shares your creative attributes. We don’t allow phones on our dinning table and rather then scrolling through social media, we flip through magazines and books and get lost in galleries and structures that provoke conversations and thoughts. We’re just as passionate about what surrounds us as we are about each other. And that my friends, took me forever to finally find. I can’t wait to share more with you guys about the projects she’s going to be doing. I’ll be sure to post it on here or just have her do it. 

And to those of you who have been calling us “couple goals”, we always smile and say thank you

- Danny Steezy 


When it comes to relaxing, I’m not the most advanced in the genre. I always have a million and one thoughts running around in my noggin like a fever of stress mixed with creativity; like a pressure cooker ready to pop as the hustle and bustle of my days boil over. By some divine miracle I found someone that understands my thought-process and is slowly showing me how to let go. How to take a breath, exhale and enjoy the silence. As reluctant as I may have been upon our arrival to the Parker, by the end of the trip I realized it was exactly what I needed. To push the pause button on work so I could take a moment and eat like shit, enjoy the splendors of top-shelf spirits, fresh air and the sun on my face. Between the amazing staff, the strangers we partied with and the exuberant interiors provided by none other than, Jonathan Adler himself. It was extremely hard to put our glass down and part ways. But just as the sun rises on the big orange doors and the palm trees dance in the breeze, we shall meet again.

- Danny Steezy