In this industry, you need to leave ego at the door. Step into every situation with a good vibe and a common respect for the person you’re interacting with. Nine out of ten times, you really never know who that individual will become. These are unreleased 35mm images I took of Rocky and the Mob at the Brand New Guy video shoot with Schoolboy Q. At the time, I had no fucking idea who they were but it was a job and I needed to eat. Now look at what they’ve accomplished. I’m glad I was there to witness and capture the beginning of something so inspiring. 

- Danny Steezy


The girl and I hit the Mohawk opening in Santa Monica. This was my first time going to one of their brick and mortar locations but I’ve been a fan of their aesthetics and product curation since I randomly stumbled upon their social media. The staff was super friendly and fun to talk to. The location itself was something to visit purely for the tranquility that you find through their strategic and tedious attention to detail. After chugging some free beers (shout out to Sapporo) we went to dinner and then grabbed some more booze for our walk over to the pier. Let me tell you, riding on a ferris wheel drunk with your favorite person is never a bad time. Thank you again Mohawk for the hospitality. We’ll be visiting again soon.

- Danny Steezy


You know those people that RSVP to the party but show up fashionably late with a bottle of Rosé in each hand? Yeah, that’s us when it comes to Depop. We started ours two days ago and are already addicted. From big brands, to bloggers to celebs and models all curating and selling their goods for cheap. So, we decided to add our two cents. We’ll be adding a ton of stuff from our personal wardrobe to past releases to products that clients send us, all at a disgustingly discounted price. Every order ships for free within 24hrs, comes with tracking and free stickers. There’s only one catch, YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING US. So, hop on the ‘Pop and browse through our ever-expanding selection of threads and cool shit.

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- Staff