If you’re like me and always on the hunt for a solid point and shoot 35mm film camera that’s in the same arena as the Yashica T4 and Olympus MJU II, look no further. The Konica Big Mini 302 is a solid camera considering it’s mostly made up of plastic but nearly outputs the same results as the honorable mentions. With the market on the T4 sky rocketing due to supply being low, you can get this little gem for about half the price. Happy hunting!

- Danny Steezy

Ma Meilleure Moitié

Life is fucking weird. One minute you’re this drug snorting, booze guzzling dirtbag running around Hollywood with no regard for your own wellbeing or the rules that apply. Next, you meet someone who is worth giving all of that up for simply because she makes you smile and pays attention to every detail, even the small ones that you think she missed. I’ll be honest, I’ve never dated someone who is in the same industry or has the exact same interest as me and I for sure have never been someone who fancied sappy love stories. But I’m quite excited to see how this one unfolds, especially the chapters that take place in Paris. 

Thank you for the gifts and notes, sweetheart.

- Danny Steezy