I just unearthed this rare Wes Lang gem from 2013. It’s amazing what you can find when you’re looking everywhere for your dog’s favorite toy. Now, if only I can find my first edition of Purienne’s self titled book. Such a bummer when you lose things that have sentimental value. 

- Danny Steezy 


I was asked to come through and make a cameo at the Nasty Girl commercial shoot this afternoon. It was nice to see so many familiar faces and I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Troubadour sober. That was an experience in itself. It was cool meeting a lot of creatives on set today and shout out the director, apparently he’s a big fan of mine. He was rad. 

I couldn’t bring a camera in but here’s quick snap of some of the squad during a smoke break.

- Danny Steezy


Got a weird body type but like to wear denim that has a slim fit? Me too. One of the hardest things for my body shape has always been finding pants that fit the way I like. I swear, I’m in-between either being chubby or being skinny. Granted, I just lost over 20lbs but I don’t have, and will probably never have that rad stick-figure shape that most designers base their cuts for. And trust me, I have tried every denim there is from H&M to Saint Laurent. Either the legs are too tight and the thighs too baggy or the leg opening is massive and looks stupid on the shoe. I know, first world problems, but it’s real. Finally I found the Acne Ace and it was love at first zip. The cut is amazing and the quality is what is expected from one of my favorite brands. The thigh is just right, the leg opening is perfect and the waist is pretty true to size. None of that  ‘vanity sizing’ nonsense that is meant to lie to make you feel better about yourself. I respect those that are straight up and honest, like “buddy, want to wear these? Put down the burger and go for a fucking run”. Now for the bad news, Acne just switched up their denim program so you will have to hunt for this particular cut at reputable Acne retailers.

- Danny Steezy